Learn The Exact Steps To Writing A High-Converting Sales Page In 5 Days 

Value: $2750

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Learn The Exact Steps To Writing A High-Converting Sales Page In 5 Days 

Value: $2750

Join today for only $97!

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Are you an entrepreneur who needs a high-converting sales page that actually works in today’s online marketing climate?

Are you a new founder, coach or consultant ready to put your work out there but don’t have thousands of dollars to pay a copywriter (yet)?

Are you a freelance copywriter who is struggling with a client’s sales page and needs fast-track guidance to get high-quality copy out in under a week?

Or are you an aspiring copywriter who wants to have a freshly-minted professional sales page in your portfolio so you can get clients ASAP?

Join Alex Cattoni, Founder of The Copy Posse and creator of the Copy Posse Launch Pad for her 5-Day Write & Ignite challenge starting November 16th, 2020.

In just 1 hour a day of LIVE and highly-interactive training, Alex will teach you the EXACT sales page formula and writing process she has used to help dozens of businesses execute multi million-dollar launches and countless students land high-paying copywriting projects and clients.

This invitation is time-sensitive. Claim your spot and join the Challenge now.

Value: $2750

Join today for only $97!

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What You'll Learn In 5 Days

Join The Write & Ignite Challenge

 A sales page is — to put it bluntly — the money page. 

It is the central piece that converts your prospect into a paying customer, and
the most valuable copy asset you can have for your product or your portfolio.

There’s a reason that copywriting has been named one of the highest paid freelance gigs of 2020.

In fact, many entrepreneurs pay up to $10,000 for an experienced copywriter to write their sales pages for them.

It’s the fuel that funds their entire business…

And it takes expert guidance, strategic preparation and a proven formula to get it right...

Which is more important now than ever before.

In the past eight months, I’ve come across so many business owners that are scrambling to scale online...

And struggling to create, update and innovate their sales pages in response to the recent shifts in the online marketing climate.

Unfortunately, not many are able to find a copywriter they can rely on to write a great sales page in the time (and budget) they want...

And a lot of copywriters aren’t equipped with the training and knowledge they need to write a sales page that actually works today – based on proven principles and frameworks

And many aspiring copywriters are stuck in that painful copywriter catch-22: no clients and no portfolio. (I get it. Approaching a dream client without any meat to show? It's pretty much pointless.)

Between running my agency, my copywriter coaching programs and my YouTube community of over 60,000 subscribers  — I can only take on a few select clients a year…

That’s why I decided to do whatever I could to make this skill as accessible and affordable as possible for those who need it…

So YOU can write your own high-converting sales page from scratch and ignite your business ASAP, no matter what else 2020 throws at you.

This got me thinking...

What could I give you that goes way deeper than my free YouTube tutorials… yet charge way, way less than my exclusive coaching programs?

How could I teach you how to write the single most important and lucrative copy asset in the shortest amount of time?

That is what inspired the FIRST EVER Write & Ignite Challenge.

In just 5 days, I’ll teach you how to write a high-converting sales page LIVE…

Following my proven and powerful sales page formula.

Before this, the only way to get access to this formula was through my exclusive copywriting program, the Copy Posse Launch Files, which costs $1,497 to enroll.

But when you join the Write & Ignite Challenge today, you’ll get it for only $97.

That’s right. For just $97, I'm giving you my step-by-step process and proprietary formula that I personally follow for every single sales page I write…

And – for the duration of the Challenge –you’ll get access to me and the Copy Posse through our private Facebook Group.

The value of this challenge is $2,750 and, to be honest, my team said I was crazy to offer this to you at such a massive discount. I might regret it later...

But there is a catch...

You see, it’s my mission to empower and inspire copywriting that is heart-centred, empathetic and 10000% authentic so that there are fewer robotic, spammy and douchey sales pages on the Internet. We’ve all had enough of those…

So this is ONLY for those who are fiercely committed to using these copy powers of persuasion to sell products and services that genuinely help people. Cool?

If you can Posse-promise me that we have a deal.

I’m going to make this easy for you. I’m going to help you get one foot in the door in five days instead of five weeks or five months…

I’m going to teach you the foundational skills and highly-coveted secrets of writing a sales page that will boost your conversions, create returning customers and set you apart from the rest... 

And all you need to do is invest a few hours a day and one low payment of $97. You in?

Join The Write & Ignite Challenge

 About Alex Cattoni

I’m a copywriter, marketing strategist and the founder of The Copy Posse. Over the past decade, I’ve helped launch several successful brands and partnered with many of the hottest transformational authors and businesses on the planet — writing high-converting sales copy, scaling multi-million dollar brands, and crafting iconic promotional campaigns.

I’m also the co-host of the Flight Club Mastermind, a $25,000/year private membership event that gathers the world’s leading internet marketing entrepreneurs to share and learn proven strategies and actionable tactics for scaling their business quickly.

In 2019, I started The Copy Posse, a team of writers with a passion for crafting compelling copy that combines the power of authentic brand storytelling with proven marketing principles. By 2020 we had grown a global community of over 60,000 copywriters and entrepreneurs through my YouTube channel and my copywriter coaching program — The Copy Posse Launch Pad.

We are the new school of copywriters. 

What My Students Say

“The growth factor my businesses needed!”

Alex’s Copy Posse Launch Pad was a no-brainer for me: the free guidance she gives on her YouTube channel is tremendous, and working with her in the Launch Pad was like getting a Matrix-style plug into the back of my skull to learn all the good stuff, FAST. The feedback from her, her team, and the rest of the Posse helped me to build skills, and take action, FAST.

As a business owner, with both brick and mortar AND online services, what I learned helped me to create landing pages that convert at a notably higher rate, AND to understand the key triggers that drive people to buy, to engage, and to become fans for life.


“One of the best decisions I’ve ever made!”

Incredible. That’s the first word that comes to mind. Alex has literally compiled years and years of her expansive knowledge within the copywriting field and put it in a systematic, progressive and easy to understand format.

I got my first client within 5 weeks of starting the program. I used Alex’s frameworks and got my first ever client testimonial!

I cannot say this firmly enough – Anyone who is looking for a lucrative career in copywriting, this is literally the only resource you will ever need. From A-Z, in complete idiot-proof format, Alex explains the ins and outs of writing successful sales copy. This includes the psychology element that is so key before you even put pen to paper.

I highly recommend this program and vouch for Alex all day as one of the most incredible teachers I’ve come across.

She defines going above and beyond for her students, as well as being empathetic in every way.

Alex, you’re a star, and thank you so much for having me as one of the first few students of the launch pad!


“You MUST join this copywriting course!”

Alex has such a talent for breaking down a huge, creative field into easy actionable steps everyone can take to succeed. She is an incredible teacher who knows what to focus on to get maximum results and is one of the best communicators I’ve ever met. I highly recommend this course as a business owner and future copywriter. You will get so much out of it!


“Got my first client while in the program and the second one right after I finished it!”

I’m so grateful for all the dedication and attention that Alex and her team have put into this program, it’s truly amazing! I came in here as a total newbie, got my first client while in the program and a second one right after I finished it! But the true prize is being equipped to write compelling and converting copy in today’s world, right from your heart. She goes above and beyond to make sure each student gets guidance and support, and you get TONS of tools to add to your copywriting tool belt. I cannot recommend it enough!


“$8,000 a month? Yes, please!”

I’m so thankful I found Alex. I struggled for years with finding my niche and not being sure where or how to start with copywriting.

Within the first week in The Copy Posse Launch Pad, I already had clarity around my niche: MarTech Made Easy. It seems so simple, right? But trust me, I wouldn’t have ever gotten there without Alex and the program.

Alex’s training helped me set the right foundation which also brought a LOT of confidence and even pride when publishing my new website and telling the world what I do.

Things just kept getting better after that. Alex truly goes above and beyond and always provides so much value in everything she does.

Even though I have a background in journalism and digital marketing, I lacked the copywriting essentials, such as proven tools and a process.

If you don’t know how to get where you want to go, how will you make it?

My goal was to make 10k per month as a copywriter. Alex prepared and launched me into the world of copywriting with her proven templates and formulas, training, exercises, process, tips and overall knowledge bombs that only someone who’s been there can teach.

I’m currently doing a test project for a potential client that could lead to an $8,000 / month contract… and this is only a few months after completing the Copy Posse Launch Pad… during a pandemic!

If your goal is to be a copywriter and you aren’t sure how, where to start, or lack confidence – join The Copy Posse Launch Pad. It really will ignite your copywriting business, but also so much more.











Value: $2750

Join today for only $97!

Join The Write & Ignite Challenge

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